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International Equestrian Organisers Alliance e.V.
was founded on June 29th, 1995 in Aachen, Germany, under the abbreviation "IEOA", as the co-ordinating organisation for the associations/alliances:
  • ALOSO (Alliance of Leading Outdoor Organisers),
  • ALISO (Alliance of Leading Indoor Organisers) and the
  • CSIO Committee (Association of CSIO Organisers),
  • which in 2001 joined together to form on new association, the
  • AJO (Alliance of Jumping Organisers).
Later the following associations/alliance also joined the IEOA:
  • AIDEO (Association of International Dressage Event Organisers);
  • AOCCI (Alliance of Organisers Concours Complet International) and
  • ADO (Alliance of Driving Organisers).