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The association is composed of full members and affiliated members. Membership is open to all organisers of international equestrian sport events in their entirety. Each member of the association will be classified into the following departments of the association, depending on the discipline of equestrian sport that they practice

These departments of the association are the following:
  • Jumping department
    called Jumping Organisers or JO
  • Dressage and para-dressage Department
    called Dressage Organisers or DreO
  • Driving and para-driving department
    called Driving Organisers” or DrivO
  • Endurance department
    called Endurance Organisers or EndO
  • Eventing organisers department
    called Eventing organisers or EvO
  • Vaulting and reigning department
    respectively called Vaulting Organisers, VO for short, and Reigning Organisers, RO for short.

Each department may draw up its own internal rules.
The number of members of the association is not limited but may not be less than two full members.

Full members
The full members are:
a) The signatories of this deed.
b) The persons who are accepted as members by a decision of the management board of the association, taken with a majority of the members present or represented.

The persons address their candidacy to the management board of the association, which will take a decision as stated above at its next meeting.

Full members have the right to vote at the General Assembly and have all the rights and obligations described in the Companies Code and in this charter. Full members pay a membership fee that will be determined annually by the management board.

Affiliated members
Candidate members address their candidacy to the management board of the association.
The management board of the association will decide on the acceptance of the candidate as an affiliated member of the association at its next meeting. The decision is made by a simple majority of the membersof the management board of the association present and/or represented.
The management board decides at its own discretion and without further motivation as to whether or not a candidate is accepted as a member.

Candidate affiliated members must meet the following requirements:
  • Candidate affiliated members must organise an international competition recognised by the FEI, or have organised a competition recognised by the FEI in the 2 years prior to the application, or will organise a competition recognised by the FEI in the calendar year following the application for membership.

Affiliated members
  • May attend the General Assembly at the invitation of a member of the management board but have no voting rights at the General Assembly.
  • Will have their interests as organisers of international equestrian sport events, if necessary, defended at the FEI by the association.
  • Do not owe membership fees.
  • Cannot be appointed director of the association.