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Pilot phases of the FEI Online Invitation System   (04/01/2019)

 As you are aware, two pilot phases of the FEI Online Invitation System were run during week 23 and week 49 of 2018.


These pilot phases were designed to test the system from a technical point of view, to let stakeholders use the system and familiarise themselves with it before the full launch; but also to see how the application of the CSI Invitation Rules would work in such a system and whether or not they met their purpose.


There were many positives to take from these pilot phases, you as stakeholders were key actors during these phases and provided essential and important feedback. However, we can see that the aim of the CSI Invitation Rules, to create opportunity for athletes and to give athletes their right to participate at events, did not work as efficiently as we had expected.


As agreed at the FEI General Assembly 2018 in Bahrain, we will adapt the system and workflows based on the feedback we have received and the analysis we have made; this means that we will run further pilot phases in 2019 with a full implementation of the FEI Online Invitation System in 2020.


Her you can find a summary of the two pilot phases including statistics and the summary of our analysis.


We will contact you again at the beginning of 2019 to explain how we will adapt the workflows and system to ensure athletes have the possibility of receiving their rightful invitation.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous support and feedback and wish you a happy holiday season.


For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact: invitations@fei.org .

Source: FEI Lucinda Arsenio