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17 November: Meeting of the Regional Groups (EEF meeting)

1/ General Regulations:  Art. 103 & 108 CIOs and Titles of competitions 


A long explanation was given by FEI president Ingmar de Vos why FEI wanted to change those rules. Important was that FEI does not want to push this rule through a vote at the General Assembly, when the EEF does not agree, as 80% of NC organisers are part of the EEF.

After there was a vote for the EEF members, and unanimous all voted against
(thanks to the letter that was sent by the IEOA Board to all FEI NF)

Art. 103 & 108 CIOs and Titles of competitions have not been put for a vote at the GA, and so are not approved 

2/ Dressage: 2015 complete rule revision will be sent and looked at again

3/ Reining: Last year FEI stopped the agreement with NHRA. Now FEI want to sign a new agreement with NHRA and keep the reining in the FEI.
       * GA has accepted to keep the reining in the FEI

4/ Athlete representation in the FEI should reach out better to NF’s, NF’s should also have an Athlete on their Board.

There should also an Organisers representation in the FEI Board and in all NF’s. IEOA has written a letter to all FEI Board   members and FEI president and Secretary General

5/ Veterinary: 
Pony measurement, new rules. We have asked for some minor changes. 
New Pony measurement rules have been accepted by the GA 

EU matters: free border crossing for 30 days
                  Vets have to prove that they have done the vaccinations in the  
                  passport, by a new App

6/ Endurance: proposal and discussion of new rules. 
* FEI GA has accepted the new rules and those that can start already will   
            start January 2020. For those some extra IT work is needed, will start 
            asap the IT work is ready

7/ Officials: CES: a competency based evaluation system for high level officials will be applied. In a next step an evaluation in the field will also be organized

8/ Lastly, when it came to elections and appointments, as suggested by the board of the Endurance Alliance, Jeroen Houterman (NED) president of the DrivO, was appointed as a new member of the FEI Driving Committee for the four-year term 2019-2023. 


18 November: Rules Session

Discussions on the proposed Rules revisions for Endurance, the future of Reining as an FEI discipline and a general Rules session were the key focus for debate at the FEI General Assembly in Moscow (RUS) today.

FEI Vice President Mark Samuel, who has acted as FEI Board liaison on the Endurance Temporary Committee (ETC) charged with a full review of the discipline’s Rules, was moderator for the dedicated Endurance session and was uncompromising in his message to delegates on the critical importance of the ETC’s work and tomorrow’s vote.

“This journey has been a sacred trust”, he said in his opening. “The status quo was clearly unacceptable. It is the time now for action rather than more words. Our partner, the horse is counting on us.”

Along with the feedback received as part of the consultation process, there was further input from National Federations at yesterday’s Regional Group meetings. As a result, the ETC made additional revisions to the proposed Rules which will be voted on at the General Assembly tomorrow, and these were explained in detail by Committee Chair Dr Sarah Coombs.

She too stressed the importance of horse welfare and the level playing field: “The welfare of the horse is our number one priority: not competition, not commercial or business interests and not administrative convenience. Every one of us is bound by the Code of Conduct for the welfare of the horse. This requires that we respect the horse during and outside competition, above all else.

“The use of illicit drugs is an abuse of the welfare of the horse. Clean Sport is a fundamental aspect of the contract to participate in FEI competitions. Where the use of banned substances and controlled medication and in particular the widespread use of nerve desensitisation has come into our sport it must be rigorously dealt with.”

Multiple topics were raised on the proposed amendments during the session, which was allowed to exceed its allotted three-hour slot to allow for all points of view to be aired. Minimum athlete weight, qualifications, ride distances, novice rides, rotation of Officials, change of trainers and the date of implementation should the Rules be approved were all debated at length.

Tomorrow’s vote on the overall approval of the Endurance Rules, which will include the date of implementation in 2020, and with the option to vote on individual provisions separately, will only be taken once the additional proposed amendments have been voted on.

The day’s sessions opened with debate on the Future of Reining. Discussion focused on a new Cooperation Agreement between the FEI and the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aimed at ensuring the sustainable growth of the discipline over the next four years if it remains in the FEI. The Agreement sets out the parameters of the partnership regarding jurisdiction of events, the implementation of suitable controls by the NRHA to monitor whether an event is international or national, and the consequences of any material breach.

The FEI Board has approved the terms of the four-year Agreement, which was signed by the NRHA on 13 November, but countersignature by the FEI is pending approval by the General Assembly.

FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez opened the session by providing delegates with an overview of the situation since termination of the original FEI/NRHA Cooperation Agreement in November 2018, followed by an explanation of a potential four-year roadmap for the discipline by Sven Friesecke, Chair of the FEI Reining Committee.

Feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive for keeping Reining in the FEI Family and this also resonated in the comments from the floor.


Present from IEOA Board: Thomas Baur and Peter Bollen


The FEI President welcomed the new members to the final in-person Board meeting of the FEI General Assembly 2019 here in Moscow. After congratulating Jack Huang, Regional Group VIII Chair, who was elected as the new FEI Vice President, Ingmar De Vos welcomed two new Board members, Marina Sechina, the newly elected Chair of FEI Regional Group III, and Sami Al Duhami (KSA), the new Chair of FEI Regional Group VII, who was unable to attend the General Assembly.

The Board then made the final decisions of the FEI General Assembly 2019.

Nayla Stössel (SUI), who was elected to the FEI Nominations Committee during today’s General Assembly, was elected as Chair of the Committee by the FEI Board.

The Board approved Rules for the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Rules 2020 and the EEF Jumping Nations Cup Series and Rules 2020. Final approval of the Global Champions League Rules 2020 was postponed until the Board has further clarification in a number of areas.

As the rules for qualification to the Youth Olympic Games 2022 in Dakar (SEN) need to be adapted, a proposal will be put forward to the Board in December and then forwarded to the IOC for approval. Similarly, a decision on rescheduling the Pan-American Endurance Championships, which were due to be held in Chile but were postponed due to civil unrest in the country, and allocation of the FEI Endurance and Reining World Championships 2022, will be taken at the FEI Board’s teleconference next month.