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General Regulations: Art. 103 & 108 CIOs and Titles of competitions   (14/11/2019)

November 12, 2019

Re: Official International Events (Proposed Changes)
On behalf of the International Equestrian Organizers Alliance please accept this correspondence
as our official opposition to the proposed changes to Article 103 under consideration by the FEI. It
is our view that the changes as proposed will be both limiting and extremely punitive on many
levels to both National Federations and organizers of FEI events in a number of FEI disciplines and
at many levels. We further feel that these contemplated changes could impact the established
authority of National Federations and may put the FEI in a conflict of interest as our sport’s senior
regulator, while also managing certain commercial matters.
The current authority for designations falls to the National Federations in our sport. This has served
organizers in all disciplines well through the decades. To have this authority fall to the FEI will
certainly bring with it the prospect of irreparable damage to some existing events, as well as the
potential to threaten many organizers legally, commercially and operationally who have enjoyed
long term benefits with corporate partners.
We trust this matter will be treated with the respect and consideration it deserves during your
discussions and deliberations prior, and leading up, to the FEI General Assembly. We encourage
you in the strongest possible manner to oppose the proposed changes.
We are yours sincerely,
                                             Peter Bollen                                                      Ian Allison
                                          President, IEOA                                        President, Jumping Organizers