About us

Equestrian Organisers was founded in June 1995 in Aachen, Germany. Initially under the abbreviation "IEOA", as the co-ordinating organisation for the associations / alliances. ALOSO Alliance of Leading Outdoor Organisers, ALISO Alliance of Leading Indoor Organisers CSIO Committee Association of CSIO Organisers In 2001 they formed together one new association, the AO (Jumping Organisers). Later the following associations/alliance also joined the EO:

  • Dressage Organisers

  • Driving Organisers

  • Eventing Organisers

  • Endurance Organisers

  • Vaulting Organisers

In 2019 IEOA changed its name in Equestrian Organisers (EO)


The EO is an international organisation which is open to all associations/alliances of organisers of international equestrian events. Its purpose - in co-operation with the FEI, National Equestrian Federations, the media, the riders, horse owners, sponsors and marketing agencies - is to offer general support to show organisers. Such support to include:

  • Promotion and internationalisation of equestrian sport on a worldwide basis.

  • Observation and protection of equine rights and of the ethical basis of the equestrian sport, as promulgated by the FEI.

  • Advising the FEI on the needs of the organisers of equestrian events and insuring that such needs find consideration within the rules and regulations of the FEI.

  • The sharing of information and experiences relating to the organisation of equestrian events - especially in the areas of financing, marketing and media rights.

  • The promotion and protection - in negotiations with the FEI - of the commercial, marketing and media rights of its members.

  • The selection and nomination of candidates, from within its constituent organisations, to participate in relevant FEI committee.

  • Involvement in the decision making process of the FEI in matters which directly affect the interests of its members and particularly in the arena of commercial, marketing and media rights.

  • Discussions with the FEI on subjects of a general character which concern all its members.

  • [Specific topics such as rules for the different disciplines and for Nations Cup etc. to be dealt with directly by the relevant constituent organisation(s)].

  • In 2013 IEOA and FEI signed a Memorandum of Understanding. By signing the Memorandum, The FEI recognises the IEOA as the sole international umbrella organisation representing the collective views of equestrian event organisers.

  • The FEI further acknowledges and supports the IEOA's mission to provide general and meaningful support to show organisers.


Peter Bollen


Ian Allison

1st Vice President

Annemiek van der Vorm

2nd Vice President

Irene Verheul

Secretary General

Mark Wentein

Board member

Tomas Torgersen

Board member

Kris Leirfall